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District Superintendent Transition Proposal
December 2014 letter from NCD Board of Directors
March 2015 letter from NCD Board of Directors delaying decision
April 2015 Task Force roster
April 29, 2015 letter from NCD Board Chairman
June 2015 Task Force update
August 2015 Task Force update
September 2015 Task Force update
November 2015 Task Force update

TEDS Pastor in Residence Sabbatical
Trinity will provide an opportunity to Pastors to come to Trinity and spend some of their sabbatical on our campus.  During this time, we will provide lodging on campus, meal ticket, parking permit, library card, attend Chapel, attend class and an opportunity to study, write, rest, and be refreshed. More information

Resources for Respond to the Recent Supreme Court Ruling – Click here

EFCA Resource on Homosexuality and Same-Sex “Marriage”
The EFCA Spiritual Heritage Committee has written a Statement that will be an excellent resource for pastors and churches as they think through and write policies on this moral issue of the day. The Resource on Homosexuality and Same-Sex “Marriage” document begins: “Never have the sexual ethics of our culture been more confused and contorted. The need for a clear voice from the church on these matters is critical, both for the health of our own community and for our faithful witness to the world…   Read the full statementSample policies available here.

Russ Berg Marriage & Family Ministry
Russ Berg, former pastor of Maple Grove EFC for over 20 years, has launched a new counseling ministry. Russ has a heart for helping people make life changes through the transforming work of Christ. Russ and his wife, Melody, focus on family and marriage discernment counseling, pastoral counseling, and equipping and coaching pastors and church leaders in discernment counseling. For more information contact, Brochure      Endorsement    May 22 Training

Idol-Exposing Questions
Questions from David Powlison’s book, Seeing With New Eyes. Read more

Tim Keller thoughts
Thought provoking questions from author and pastor, Tim Keller. Read more

Biblical Conflict Resolution
Are you interested in becoming better equipped to assist others to bring resolution to conflict in a manner that is more biblical and reflective of the gospel? Read more

Incorporation Can Protect Church Members
When an organization becomes incorporated, that means it legally holds the same rights and responsibilities as an individual. The corporation, rather than individual employees, shareholders, or members, is liable in the event of accidents and legal disputes. Incorporation is designed to take the burden of responsibility off the individual and place it on the organization, instead. Read more.

Host Homes Needed:
We cannot fix poverty, homelessness and the ills of this world.  But we can impact lives one at a time.  Safe Families for Children is winning the battle one child at a time.
 The numbers of children being hosted in Safe Families for Children homes is growing rapidly.  The growth rate of 30% is expected to continue if we can move the least of these into host homes. We need more families to open their homes. 
Become the hands and feet of Jesus.  Join a winning team.  Volunteer to be a host home.  Qualifications can be reviewed at safefamiliesmn.org, “Be A Safe Family Volunteer” or call us at 612-518-5986 or  info@safefamiliesmn.org  to discuss your questions.

A Resource for Moving Forward in Outreach
Mission Works is a means of helping a local church address a lack of outreach in its neighborhoods and beyond.  Mission Works offers the temporary services of a veteran pastor, full-time or part-time, to spearhead the effort of enlisting, training, and deploying the congregation to fill this void.  It is an alternative for a congregation that cannot add permanent staff to focus on outreach, but wants to move forward.  The end result will be an annual plan for increased outreach together with people to take responsibility for it.  Read more 

Understanding Twenty-Somethings
The “millennial” generation, including individuals who are in their 20’s, have grown up in a world vastly different from their parents.  If older pastors are missiological in a robust New Testament sense, they would do well to try to understand and appreciate more deeply the characteristics of twenty-somethings.  How do they think?  How do they learn?  How do they view and form relationships?  How do they look at the world?  For a start, see the helpful summary (including resources) by Nikki Reich on the SoulZone website: http://www.soulzoneministries.org/mcms_newsletter.php?nav=n-11608.  SoulZone is a ministry to students at Carleton College and is headed by Gary Hvass, an EFCA-ordained minister and long-time partner in the NCD.

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