2017 – The Church Today and Tomorrow – Kevin Kompelien


 EFCA President Kevin Kompelien spoke on The Church Today and Tomorrow

Session 1 –  Audio
Gospel Impact in a Rapidly Changing World: How do we understand our world and contextualize ministry to reach people far from God?
Powerpoint Session 1

Session 3 – Audio
Thriving in a Post-Christian World:  How do we impact a culture that is increasingly apathetic toward the gospel and even hostile toward the church?
Powerpoint Session 3

Session 4Audio
Leading “On Mission” with God:  How do we effectively lead our churches to be “on mission” with God in our communities and around the world?
Powerpoint Session 4

Brian teaching 2

Our new District Superintendent Brian Farone shared who he is and his heart for ministry.

Session 2 – Audio part one,  Audio part two
Powerpoint Session 2



2017 District Conference Book

2017 District Conference Report Book – business session


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