2014 – Disciplemaking: God’s Heart for the Church – Aaron Couch

Disciplemaking: God’s Heart for the Church

April 7-8, 2014

 Speakers: Aaron Couch & Josh Gray

Session 1: Understanding Disciplemaking

NCD Conference Plenary Session 1

Session 2: The Importance of Disciplemaking

NCD Conference Plenary Session 2

Session 3: How are Disciples Made?

NCD Conference Plenary Session 3

Session 4: Moving a Church Toward Disciplemaking

NCD Conference Plenary Session 4


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Browse a bookshelf these days, read a blog or two, attend a      conference or jaw with other church leaders and chances are you’ll read or hear something about disciplemaking.  It’s front-burner stuff in many quarters of evangelicalism.

There are good reasons for this.  We continue to observe in the USA a widening gulf between the number of those who need the good news and the number of those who have been given good news.  There’s also an alarming gap between what Christians    believe and how they live.  Into these disconnects Jesus speaks his great commission.  New disciples being made; all disciples learning to obey all that Jesus taught: this is what the church is about.  Many voices are rightly raising the call back to these priorities.

But what exactly is a disciple?  What does it mean to make        disciples?  What does this look like in a church?  How can a church make disciplemaking central to its life?  How do church leaders take the lead in this?

We address these issues at this year’s district conference,         continuing our multi-year theme, The Heart of the Church, with speaker, Aaron Couch.  Aaron is part of a multi-church culture in Idaho that is recognized across the country as truly fruitful in     making disciples.  We’ll have the opportunity to glean from Aaron’s experience and wisdom.

There will be workshops at this year’s conference and, as always, our annual meeting with updates on district ministry.

Come join us!  Together let’s advance in our understanding and practice of making disciples.

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