2013 When Church was Family – Joe Hellerman

When The Church Was A Family: Recapturing Jesus’ Vision for Authentic Christian Community

Aprril 15- 16,2013

Speaker: Joe Hellerman

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Session #1: Christian Community in Historical Context: The Value of Cultural Analysis for Biblical Interpretation.
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Session #2: Who Are My Mother and My Brothers?: Jesus, His Family, and the Family of God
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Session #3: The Church as a Family in the New Testament: Implications for Theology & Practice
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Session #4: Embracing Shared Leadership: It Starts at the Top, Brothers
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Session #5: Question & Answer

The nature of the church–what it is, how Christ designed it–is foundational to all ministry.  What we do as a church grows out of who we are–or think we are–as the church.

So what is the church? Over the next two or three years we will be focusing our annual district conference themes around the heart of the church. We will consider several features of the church that are at the heart of its divine design. These features are not the only  aspects of the nature of the church, but they are highly important ones, and often neglected in today’s culture.

This year’s focus is The Church as Family. The New Testament portrayal of the church as a family is a prominent and familiar theme, but do we practice it as consistently and radically as we should?
Our speaker will lead us toward a fuller understanding of what church-as-family is all about, according to the New Testament, and he will challenge us to implement the radical implications of that reality. Joe Hellerman is student of the Word, a teacher of the Word, and a pastor under the Word. The author of When the Church Was a Family, he is on the faculty of Talbot School of Theology and a co-pastor at a Free Church in southern California. That congregation has spent the last ten years learning to live out what it means to be God’s family. Joe brings to our conference a scholar’s mind and a pastor’s heart and practice.

Should we be focusing on the church as family when the need for ministry to the dying world around us is so great? Doesn’t dwelling on family matters risk our becoming all the more ingrown? Yes, it does. That’s a hazard to acknowledge and avoid. But outreach to the community depends to a large extent on the quality of community within the church. The attractiveness of the gospel consists partly  in the attractiveness of the family it creates. If the quality of church-as-family is poor, will non-believers around us hear the gospel as clearly? We must keep our eyes on both internal and external community.

Joe will be addressing a wide variety of church leaders.  Bring pastoral staff and lay leaders from your church as we consider together The Church as Family.  We look forward to your fellowship.

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