2012 Dangerous Calling – Paul David Tripp

Dangerous Calling: The Unique Temptations of Ministry in the Local Church

NCD Annual District Conference Recap
Paul David Trippspoke to conferees at Constance EFC last month about “Dangerous Calling: The Unique Temptations of Local Church Ministry.”  Paul’s incisive, surgical messages addressed:

  • the central role of our heart in our words, actions, and ministry
  • the danger of familiarity with God–losing our awe of him, with consequences like fear and mediocrity
  • the danger of arrival–forgetting who we are, with consequences like self-glory and isolation from others
  • the danger of always preparing for ministry to others, crowding out the satisfying of our own souls on the glory of Christ
  • the danger of separation–being comfortable with a gap between our public message or persona and our private life

Messages on this theme are available for purchase at Paul Tripp ministries.

In the conference business session delegates accepted Antioch Community Church (Minneapolis) into the district, approved next year’s budget, voted Larry Orth, Rick & Linda Peterson, Beverly Upshaw, and Dan Van Loon onto the NCD board of directors, and heard highlights from a number of district ministries. Ministry written and verbal reports are available below. The staff and volunteers of Constance EFC were lavish once again in their hospitality and hosting. Thank you Constance EFC.

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