2010 Compassion & Justice – Dr. Steve Goold

Speaker: Dr.

Steve Goold, New Hope Church

About 100 pastors, spouses, and ministry staff gathered at Camp Shamineau in October to learn more about compassion for the poor and justice for the oppressed.  This year’s theme, “Fleshing Out Justice and Compassion in Our Churches and Communities,” grew out of Article 8 of the EFCA Statement of Faith.  While Article 8 rightly addresses a broad range of Christian living, the narrower theme of justice and compassion was the focus of the conference insofar as this theme has been widely neglected by evangelicals in America over the last hundred years.  Yet it is a highly prominent theme in the Bible, and a potent aspect of the church’s witness to today’s world.

Dr. Steve Goold, senior pastor of New Hope Church (EFCA), was the speaker.  In addition to his three messages on the theme, which were given in the context of NHC’s journey toward becoming a community oriented church reaching out in justice and compassion, five of Steve’s staff colleagues gave conferees a look at how a justice-compassion commitment can express itself in ministry spheres such as worship, family, and neighborhood.  A panel discussion included Luis Martinez, Director of Multi-Ethnic Ministry in the Central District, and Dr. Alvin Sanders, EFCA Director of Reconciliation.  Workshops on various aspects of practical compassion-justice ministry rounded out the conference.  Recordings of the messages and panel discussion can be found here on our website.


Session 1 – “A Clarion Call”

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Session 2 – “A Somewhat Stumbling Response”

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Session 3 – “A Relentless Continuing Commitment”

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Session 4 – Panel Discussion

Participants: Steve Goold, Luis Martinez, Tom Mouw, Alvin Sanders, Dave Van Wingerden. Facilitator: Dave Linde

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New Hope Ministry Leaders

Greg Braly, Family & Children’s Ministry

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Holly Nimchuk, Hope Bridge Center

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Bryan McWhite, Young Adults & Men’s Ministries

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Jeff McCourt, Worship Music & Celebration Arts

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Julie Zuehlke, Care Ministries

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