February 18-20, 2019

Grand View Lodge, Nisswa, MN

$425 per couple
$250 per single


Living a Life of Disciple-Making Where God Has Planted You

As a North Central District church in a rural context, you are faced with unique challenges that are much different than our brothers and sisters in the urban /suburban areas.  Included in this challenge is that we have less opportunity to rub shoulders with those that share our hearts and situations.  As a spouse, your challenge is even greater because there aren’t as many of those opportunities built into your schedule.

One thing that will happen at this retreat is that you will meet other people that resonate with what you’re wanting to do.  You will hear good stories and  heart-breaking stories.  You will have a new understanding and passion for the importance of what you do and the place you do it in.

Please pray with us as we seek to bring in someone that can speak some truth into our lives and encourage us from God’s word.  Please pray as we seek to interact with each other, not comparing ministries, numbers, or sermon-styles, but getting to know families and situations and prayer needs for long-term Kingdom impact.

We can do more together than alone! We will take time to clarify our disciple-making mission (as families AND churches) so we can more effectively reach rural Minnesota together.

Come prepared to let God minister to you as we share together.

711 10th Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55415