Family & Children

Family & Children’s Ministries

“We will tell the next generation . . .

So they in turn would tell their children.”  (from Psalm 78)

What’s It About?

The primary influence on a child is their parent(s). To reach the next generation for Christ, and those to come, churches must partner with parents to pass on our faith. This means we take a biblical, family-oriented approach to ministry to children. This includes:

  • Equipping and encouraging the parent(s) or caregiver(s) so they have training to spiritually nurture and guide their children.
  • Providing God-centered, biblical education and fellowship opportunities for children that also connect to the home.
  • Planning inter-generational events to strengthen families as they interact with each other.
  • Empowering families to use their family relationships with their children and their children’s friends as a way for evangelism and discipleship to occur.

A family-oriented approach to children’s ministry must include ministry to:

  • Saved and unsaved children
  • Saved and unsaved parents and caregivers


Who Can Help Us Do This?

The EFCA National Family and Children’s Ministry Council serves EFCA churches by providing consulting, resources and networking to help churches develop healthy, biblically based, family-oriented children’s ministry that partners the church with the home for the spiritual formation of children.



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