The Evangelical Free Church was born out of a heritage of commitment to the authority and inerrancy of Scripture. The absolute truth of God’s Word is the objective standard by which we are to lead our lives and represent the Lord Jesus Christ to a needy world. The trademark of our high and uncompromising view of Scripture is arguably the most definitive trait of the EFCA. It only follows that those who lead our churches and ministries be held accountable to an objective standard. While far from perfect, the credentialing process of the EFCA has proven to be a reliable vehicle to that end.

Our mission is to assist NCD churches in ensuring the qualifications of those called to vocational ministry.  Those qualifications have to do with one’s personal character; one’s competence in ministry skills; and one’s understanding and application of Biblical-theological truths.  The district ministry of credentialing focuses mostly on the Biblical-theological qualification, relying mainly on the applicant’s local church to observe, develop, and formally affirm the applicant’s character and competence.

We envision …

… a growing number of lead and associate pastors who

express a desire for intentional ministerial accountability and
denominational theological integrity; and

experience increasing theological alertness, nourishment, and

by pursuing credentialing as a pathway of personal development;


… a growing number of churches who

express values of theological integrity (both locally and
denominationally) and pastoral accountability, development, and commendation; and

embrace local-church responsibility in formally commending an EFCA pastor; and

experience benefits of theological vitality, leadership development, denominational interdependence, and kingdom advance

by supporting their pastors in the credentialing process

through such means as mentoring, evaluation, study leave, salary incentives, learning community, and conscientious recommendation.

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