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Brian Farone –

Church Resources, Placement, Credentialing

David Linde –

Church Catalyst

Dan Moose –

Pastoral Care

Kelley Johnson –
Jim Anderson – 

Student Ministries

Glenn Olson –

Mission Mobilizer

Steve Austvold – Kathy Austvold –


Sharon Trucker –
Jordan Hirsch –


Mindy Warland –
Kelly Larson – g

Faith Community Nurse Ministry

Joanne Hall –

Senior Adults Ministry

Betty Swanson –

God Stories

Email us at   and tell us about what God is doing–things which, when multiplied, contribute to a regional impact of the gospel:
  •  salvation stories, baptism stories
  •  “go-to” initiatives
  •  answers to prayer from the harvest field
  •  Christ bringing life from brokenness
  •  mentoring, disciplemaking
  •  team ministry
  •  multiplication
  •  leadership development
  •  transformed lives, neighborhoods, communities

.. and so on.  Send a simple email message, a photo, a video clip, or all three.

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