Annual Spring Conferences


An Inexpressible and Glorious Joy – Constantine Campbell

Chosen Sojourners: 1 Peter 1:1-2  Audio

Reborn into a Living Hope: 1 Peter 1:3-5 Audio

Rejoicing in Salvation: 1 Peter 1:6-7 Audio

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Chosen Sojourners: 1 Peter 1:1-2  Audio

Reborn into a Living Hope: 1 Peter 1:3-5 Audio

Rejoicing in Salvation: 1 Peter 1:6-7 Audio

District Superintendent Update

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The Church Today and Tomorrow – Kevin Kompelien

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EFCA PRESIDENT KEVIN KOMPELIEN SPOKE ON THE CHURCH TODAY AND TOMORROW Session 1 – Audio Gospel Impact in a Rapidly Changing World: How do we understand our world and contextualize ministry to reach people far from God? Powerpoint Session 1 Session 3 – Audio Thriving in a Post-Christian World: How do we impact a culture that is increasingly apathetic toward the gospel and even hostile toward the church? Powerpoint Session 3 Session 4 – Audio Leading “On Mission” with God: How do we effectively lead our churches to be “on mission” with God in our communities and around the world? Powerpoint Session 4 Brian teaching 2 OUR NEW DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT BRIAN FARONE SHARED WHO HE IS AND HIS HEART FOR MINISTRY. Session 2 – Audio part one, Audio part two Powerpoint Session 2


Connecting Faith and Work – Gary Hoag

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Connecting Faith and Work: Helping Your Congregation Follow Jesus Meaningfully from Monday to Saturday Session 1: “Faith, Work, and Economics” Fad or Foundational for the NCD? Powerpoint – Session 1 Session 1 Audio Session 2: Biblical Examples from the Early Church in the NT: A Top Ten List of Christ-Followers who integrated their Faith, Work, and Economics Powerpoint – Session 2 Session 2 Audio (incomplete, recording compromised) Session 3: Practical Tips from EFCA Pastors: Churches/Communities were “Made to Flourish” Powerpoint – Session 3 Session 3 Audio (incomplete, recording compromised)

Fall Teaching Conferences

October 1-2, 2018

Theme:  Biblical Foundations for Balance and Effectiveness in Ministry
Speaker: Dr. Marty Giese,  President, Oak Hills Christian College

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We invite you to Fall Teaching Conference this year to be nourished and equipped by the Bible teaching and ministerial wisdom of Marty Giese, president of Oak Hills Christian College.  Marty’s long and fruitful years of Biblically based pastoral ministry suit him well to sharing with us on several aspects of church leadership.

The need for balance in ministry, rightly understood, is great in today’s world.  We often feel out of balance, or we get confused about what balance is and is not.  Marty will help us think through and live out a healthy balanced ministry.

Effectiveness is a broad concept.  Marty will guide us in being effective relative to our context of ministry, to change in ministry, and to faithfulness in ministry.

Rooted in Scripture, Marty will develop these themes of balance and effectiveness along these lines:

  • Balanced Shepherding: A Contemporary Look at an Ancient Ministry Metaphor
  • Effectiveness in Context: Understanding and Responding to the Unique Distinctives of Your Ministry Context
  • Navigating Change Personally and Professionally
  • Faithfulness vs. Fruitfulness and Other Effectiveness “Tensions”

No matter the specifics of your context of life and ministry, these themes will be relevant to you.  Come join us at Shamineau in October as we benefit together from Marty’s teaching.

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The Book of Acts – Dr. Doug Huffman

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THE FTC IN OCTOBER WAS A WONDERFUL TIME OF TEACHING OF THE BOOK OF ACTS, FELLOWSHIP WITH OTHER MINISTRY LEADERS AND REST. Dr. Doug Huffman is professor and associate dean of biblical and theological studies at Biola University in La Mirada, CA. Doug Huffman has made his powerpoints and session recordings available. Session 1: Luke—The Man and his Message Powerpoint audio Session 2: Special Issues with The Book of Acts Powerpoint audio Session 3: Luke’s Focus on the Community of the Church (Acts 2:42–6:7) Powerpoint audio Session 4: Luke’s Focus on the Unity of the Church (Acts 15) Powerpoint audio


Theological-Pastoral Health – Greg Strand

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THEOLOGICAL-PASTORAL HEALTH: RESPONDING WELL TO THE BIBLE, TO PEOPLE AND TO CURRENT ISSUES October 10-11 Speaker: Greg Strand Session 1: Bible and Theology Powerpoint: 2-up Printable version Audio – MP3 Session 2: Essentials and Non-Essentials Powerpoint: 2-up Printable version Audio – MP3 Session 3: Doctrine of Hell and Eternal Conscious Punishment Powerpoint: 2-up Printable version Audio – MP3 Session 4: Bible, Theology, and Culture Powerpoint: 2-up Printable version Audio – MP3

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