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Multi-Site / Multi-Venue — Feb 2011

Know a community God has called you to reach but you cannot see any possible way to plant or start a church there?  Have a vision to help your church reach your whole area, but little chance you can start the 15+ churches needed?  I think God is challenging us to think outside the box to accomplish his call on our lives and churches.  Let’s try something different!  How about multi-venue or multi-site or some hybrid?   Before you say no way, please think with us.  We would probably never imagine that circuit riding was a good way to reach unreached Americans and start churches, but it was the basis for one of the fastest church-planting movements in the USA.

Multi-site ministry is a church, no matter its size, multiplying itself to another site through personnel and ministries.  They may use live or video preaching, but the leaders of the additional site (possibly including a campus pastor) lead the ministries at that site and raise up additional leaders there. 


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