Helping Pastors with Sexual Purity 0

Posted April 28th, 2011 by Dave Linde

Sexual compromise + fear + silence = growing trouble.  This is true for any Christian.  It is true for pastors.  Maybe you and I are stumbling on the internet (for example), viewing sexually explicit material.  We tell no one about it because we are afraid of the consequences to our families or to our ministries.  So we continue in the bondage of guilt and shame and loss of power.  And we feed a growing reservoir of trouble that will eventually burst a dam.

Yet this enslaving cycle—sin, guilt, confession, resolve, sin, guilt, confession, resolve—within the self-perpetuating shroud of silence may be a reality for as many as half of the men in our congregations and as many as a third of the pastors.  (This according to various studies.)

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Responding to District Conference 0

Posted April 19th, 2011 by the NCD Staff

If you attended district conference this year, your responses to how to do a dissertation the two questions below may be helpful to other pastors in the district as we continue to process and apply Larry Osborne’s teaching on Team Oriented Ministry.

1.  What was your number-one “take-away” from the event–the most influential lesson you learned?

2.  What is the most pressing question or concern that remains with you?

We invite your response to either or both of these questions, and your comments to any of the responses that are posted.

Equipping Leaders for the Harvest 0

Posted April 4th, 2011 by Tom Mouw

What “game-changing” impact would you make in your own life and the lives of your congregants, if it was within your power to do so?   Mine would look something like EQUIPPING laborers and leaders for greater, sanctified OBEDIENCE and for maximum MULTIPLICATION (“100-60-30-Fold Harvest” Matt 13).  Aren’t we all cultivating, planting, and reaping in our Master’s field toward that very end? 

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Training leaders for Team-Oriented Ministry 0

Posted March 8th, 2011 by Tom Mouw

Engaging in ministry together as a team can simply be a stylistic preference for some of us.  However, there is also rationale for team-oriented ministry which could be considered integral to God’s intent and design for us as His laborers in the harvest.  Our conference brochure, for example, commends living in and preserving the Spirit-generated unity within the Family of God (Psalm 133; Eph 4).  The need to prioritize the unity of the Spirit throughout the Church cannot be over-emphasized, for God’s glory. 

In the creation story in the opening chapter of Genesis, as well as throughout Scripture, we observe that the very nature of the members of the Trinity is to exist and act in concert with one another.  This includes deferring to one another!  As we are made in the image of God, our relationships with one another are a criterion the world uses to judge whether our message is truthful (Francis Schaeffer; cf. John 17).  When we minister together, it is easier for people to recognize that we do not come in our own name, but IN THE NAME OF JESUS (Henri Nouwen).

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Multi-Site / Multi-Venue — Feb 2011 3

Posted February 3rd, 2011 by Dan Moose

Know a community God has called you to reach but you cannot see any possible way to plant or start a church there?  Have a vision to help your church reach your whole area, but little chance you can start the 15+ churches needed?  I think God is challenging us to think outside the box to accomplish his call on our lives and churches.  Let’s try something different!  How about multi-venue or multi-site or some hybrid?   Before you say no way, please think with us.  We would probably never imagine that circuit riding was a good way to reach unreached Americans and start churches, but it was the basis for one of the fastest church-planting movements in the USA.

Multi-site ministry is a church, no matter its size, multiplying itself to another site through personnel and ministries.  They may use live or video preaching, but the leaders of the additional site (possibly including a campus pastor) lead the ministries at that site and raise up additional leaders there. 

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On Our Hearts: January 2011 0

Posted January 5th, 2011 by the NCD Staff

If we could sit down with each of you over coffee, or with several of you in a retreat setting, what would we share with you?

It would be something that’s on our hearts. That’s what you’ll find us writing about each month in this portion of our website—something important to us, something we’re thinking about, something vitally connected to life and ministry.

Here you may find a principle of church ministry, a theological reflection, a grappling with culture, a book review, a case study, or a challenge to action. We’ll be speaking especially to pastors and church leaders, sharing thoughts that are in some way strategically related to healthy and fruitful leadership in the church.

Frequently the On Our Hearts article will link to the NCD blog, inviting your response and interaction with what you read here. Tell us what you think. Let other NCD leaders hear and benefit from your perspective.

Look for something new On Our Hearts each month.

Our Article 8 Emphasis 1

Posted December 21st, 2010 by the NCD Staff

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Blog Welcome 0

Posted December 20th, 2010 by the NCD Staff

Welcome to the NCD blog, a venue for interaction and dialogue about issues important and helpful to life and ministry. We plan to post things, on an occasional basis, with a view to hearing from you—especially (but not exclusively) pastors and church leaders in the North Central District.  We are aiming at the collective benefit of NCD churches through the collective wisdom shared on the blog.

Here, then, we may ask for your response to the current month’s On Our Hearts article.  Or we may pose a philosophy- or practice-of-ministry question to solicit your insights.  At times we may describe (anonymously) a real-life scenario in ministry to seek your advice.  On another occasion we may probe a Biblical-theological issue and ask how you connect this issue to ministry.  Sometimes we may simply put out a call for suggested resources on a given situation or topic.

Our hope is that the posts will be timely and relevant, and that the responses of pastors and church leaders will furnish further insights that will be widely enriching.

Bear with us in this venture, as we will undoubtedly need to work out some bugs as we go.  Here is how we are setting things up:

  • NCD staff members will put up most of the posts.  Occasionally there may be a guest writer.
  • You can sign up to be notified when a new posting appears.
  • The posts will be tagged to make them searchable.
  • We invite comments on the posts.  Comments will be approved before they are published.  Whether brief or extensive, make your comments substantive and appropriate.  And make it clear if you are responding to an earlier comment posted by someone else.
  • NCD staff will not have the capacity to respond to all comments, nor is that our intent.  Our aim is to initiate district-wide discussion on important matters related to life and ministry.  We anticipate that much of the benefit of the blog will come from what you write.

–NCD Staff

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