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Why Move 2068 Miles?

moving mapAccording to Google Maps, it is 2068 miles from our old house in California to our new home in Minnesota. That. Is. A. Long. Way! 2068 miles…the drive alone sounds exhausting. (And our commute will actually be a bit longer, since our family is taking the scenic route through Austin, TX, so we can join other EFCA pastors and church leaders from around the world at EFCA One). Over the last few months, many people have asked me why we would make this move. Let me take a few moments, here at the beginning of my ministry, to share why we are moving from there to here.

Because God Has Called Us to the North Central District
First, our decision to move to Minnesota is the result of a deep conviction that God has called us to serve Him by serving the North Central District. A significant part of this conviction comes from an internal sense of calling, God’s leading in our hearts. More than that, our calling has been confirmed by those who know us best and solidified through the vote of the gathered pastors and church leaders at our recent NCD conference. These things come together to give us a strong, resilient belief that we are called to serve the pastors, church leaders, and churches of the NCD. I am thankful for this, since I imagine sometime in mid-January I will wake up on an icy morning and wonder, “What have we done?” (more…)

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