The Search for a New Superintendent

Posted to our blog on March 9th, 2016 by the NCD Staff
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posted by Tom Mouw and Dave Linde
in consultation with the executive committee of the district board

In light of the email communique recently sent out to the district about the DS transition, we thought it would be timely to share a few thoughts as the district moves into this new and important season.

We are very grateful for the hard work of the district Task Force.  Their report and recommendations are the fruit of many months of diligent work.  They have laid groundwork that will direct the district into the future.

We are also wholeheartedly supportive of the board’s decision to adopt the Task Force recommendation that a broad search be carried out for a new DS.  Seeking a new leader to help the district advance in new directions, based on further Task Force recommendations, while building on the strengths of our past, will be good for the district.

I, Dave, firmly believe that it is in the best interests of the district for the search to be carried out without my hat being in the ring.  The longer-term interests of the district will be best served by my helping in my present role, to the extent that I am able and that a new DS is willing, to make the future transition of that DS go as smoothly as possible.

What, then, does the coming year hold for us two?  The district board has asked the “district directional team”—Dan Moose and the two of us—to continue our leadership responsibilities while the search process goes on.  A special focus during that time—fitting for the last leg of Tom’s ministry as DS—will be on the full scope of Article 8 in our Statement of Faith.  While the district emphasis in the last few years has been on the justice-compassion portion of that article, it is important that we not lose sight of the other significant aspects of Christian living that are affirmed there, including Scripture, prayer, the Holy Spirit’s ministry, spiritual warfare, and the Great Commission of disciple-making.

As you know, applying that affirmation of prayer in Article 8 is so highly relevant to our district just now.  As you have prayed for the Task Force, now continue to pray for the formation and work of the search team, for the board’s leadership and oversight, and for the future of our district under a new superintendent—and beyond.



  1. Excellent communication from leadership, a sincere and warm “for the Kingdom” feel. However the future unfolds, it will be glorifying to Christ, warmly embraced and profitable for everyone.

  2. Tom and Dave, thanks for the clear communication in this blog post and the direction you are taking with the emphasis on article 8 and the emphasis on prayer and dependence on the Lord and His Spirit. If there is any way I can be of service to you and your team and the district leaders and churches in this area of prayer, I would be more than happy to. If I can help with facilitating prayer gatherings for the district and churches or encouraging you and your team in times of prayer, please let me know. My earnest prayers for you will continue. Fritz

  3. Hi Tom and Dave,
    Your incredible humbleness and willingness to do what you feel God has for each of you as this transition process unfolds is an inspiration to us all, not only to us on the board, but it also should be a lesson to everyone in the district of what true Godly leadership looks like. I personally commend you for your positive example to all of us.
    God Bless,
    Pastor Dale Robins

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