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Walking With God

Dan 2015How do you relate to God?  We talk about a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  Is our personal walk with God and focus on God shown by our treasuring Him, communion with Him and living by faith in God?   I recently read With by Skye Jethany which challenged me regarding my relationship to God.  I wanted to say I walk with God, but was shown how I easily use my relationship with God to try to manipulate Him to do what I want.  Not pretty nor godly!

In the book, the author discusses four ways that we relate to God in our need and desire to be restored to our right relationship of being with God; life under God, life over God, life from God, and life for God.   Each one finds its roots in Biblical teaching, but as people we tend to push it to an extreme for our benefit.  Here is a short synopsis of each…

Life under God is based out Deuteronomy 28 where God calls us to obey and worship Him only and promises that He will bless us for our obedience.  We can focus on obedience to God instead of loving God with our worship and obedience flowing out of our love for Him.  In fact, it is easy to tell God He must bless us because of our obedience or worship.  Obedience becomes an idol.  The Pharisees in Matthew 23 are an example.

Life over God is relating to God by living out His principles and expecting God’s blessing.  It is focusing on the needed knowledge of divine principles and studying Scripture to discover those principles instead of studying the Bible to know God.  We see this in many seminars that promise if you do these three or five principles you will get your desired results.  Biblical principles become an idol.  Moses in Exodus 17 and Numbers 20 is an example….he followed the principle but did not listen to or love God. (more…)

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