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Our annual district conference on April 7-8 featured Aaron Couch as the main speaker.  True to the mentoring culture of the church where he pastors, he brought an associate pastor along, a mentoree of his, Josh Gray, who also did some of the teaching.  The theme was disciplemaking.  Insights that I found helpful included these:

  • –Luke 10, in the context of the whole book, shows that Satan’s power is defeated as we bless people and proclaim the Kingdom.
  • –According to Matt. 4:19, a disciple is one who is following Jesus, is being changed by Jesus, and is on mission with Jesus.
  • –Disciplemaking cannot happen in a classroom.  Is your church structured so that it can happen?
  • –Leadership is making people uncomfortable at a rate they can tolerate.
  • –Find your leaders in the reclaimed folks in your pews.  In most churches they are not noticed or not given a second chance.
  • –If the pastor wants the church to make disciples, he must start with his own practice: he must be discipling several guys himself, preferably at least one new believer.
  • –Stop trying to be the best church in your community; be the best church for your community.
  • –We will find Jesus in the brokenness around us and in the brokenness inside us.Audio recordings of the teaching sessions can be found on our website.


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