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Hidden Treasures

Is the average believer today “spiritually impoverished,” and if so, why?  How does God use “ordinary sufferings” to lead us back to utilizing spiritual muscles?  Can simply serving in holistic ministry provide an antidote to our common “diseases of the soul”?  For simple yet profound insights, join me in reading this brief excerpt from a devotional written to Safe Families for Children staff and volunteers by Dr. Monte Pries, SFFC Family Coach Supervisor, Santa Ana, CA .    –Tom Mouw

The more obvious focus of Safe Families is to look at the population of people we seem to most commonly engage with. We reach out to families living on the outer edges of physical, financial, and relational poverty. But poverty as it relates to you and me is most likely not to be physical, but poverty of spirit. Even for us, as born-again Christians, forgiven by the Blood of the Lamb, we are spiritually impoverished by the lack of the experience of God in our lives. We are saved, and yet we are experientially comatose and forgetful of who we are and who God is, and how we are designed to live in His ways, through His power. Isaiah (Isaiah 53:6) speaks of how we have all turned our backs and gone our own way. We are not trained; we are not devoted to living richly in His Spirit and Presence. We rely on ourselves, our own energy. We live in poverty.


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