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Have You Taken a Sabbatical Leave Recently?

What is one thing you would do the same?  One thing you would do differently?  One piece of counsel you would give to a fellow-pastor who is planning a sabbatical?  Take a moment and respond to our blog and help other pastors shape their sabbaticals effectively.


  1. 1. Do the same? Take bike rides and spend time out in His creation leisurely reading His Word and writing my prayers to Him (journaling).
    2. Do Differently? Nothing.
    3. Counsel?
    a) If possible, take longer than 3 months. I was blessed to have 5 months (I waited 20 years for that, though – not sure I’d recommend that…) and it was fantastic. It takes time to find your sabbatical pace at the beginning – and at the end, your mind starts gearing up for ministry again. Therefore, your 3 months ends up being more like two.
    b) I would also suggest, as was recommended to me, to not set grand goals for taking classes or writing a book, but simply taking time to be with God and with your family.
    c) Let God show you that you can be with Him without being a pastor and your church can actually get along okay without you.
    d) Pray that God will provide all the leadership necessary to carry on your tasks without being a burden to you or the church. (God amazed me and confirmed the sabbatical idea to our church by providing a wonderful brother in Christ who worked 2/3’s time for me for 5 months without charge! God can provide!)
    4. Talk to others before you do it. The wisdom I gained from others ahead of time was invaluable. If you’re hoping to take a sabbatical, I’d be glad to talk about it any time – and so would others.

  2. Larry – thanks for your comments and perspective on your sabbatical. Really helpful and insightful for me as I am nearing some time away. I’m grateful for your wisdom and perspective.

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