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Seeing the Trinity Sparkle

By Dave Linde

At this month’s (Oct. 2014) Pastors Teaching Conference our speaker, Fred Sanders, helped us to see this Biblical doctrine with freshness and clarity that sparkled.  Here are some highlights of his talks.

–The trinity is not a closed door but a welcome to all other doctrines.

–The trinity is not club to keep in storage until the Jehovah’s Witnesses knock at the door.

–The definitive revelation of the trinity happened when Jesus came on the scene and when the Spirit later came on the scene.  These events showed the nature of God’s being: one God in three persons.  The Old Testament looked forward to these events; the New Testament letters look back on them.

–Is the trinity revealed in the OT?  Not explicitly, but when we re-read the Bible, knowing the end of the story from the NT, we can see the trinity in the OT.

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