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 Fall Teaching Conference

The FTC in October was a wonderful time of teaching of the book of Acts, fellowship with other ministry leaders and rest.

Doug Huffman has made his powerpoints and session recordings available.

  • Session 1: Luke—The Man and his Message Powerpoint
  • Session 2: Special Issues with The Book of Acts Powerpoint
  • Session 3: Luke’s Focus on the Community of the Church (Acts 2:42–6:7) Powerpoint
  • Session 4: Luke’s Focus on the Unity of the Church (Acts 15) Powerpoint


EFCA Theology Podcasts

The EFCA Theology Podcast was developed through a partnership between EFCA West (district) and the EFCA National Office. It is hosted by Brian Farone, our  District Superintendent. You can find the podcast in any podcast app by searching "efca theology podcast" or subscribe by email here.

December News & Resources

Missions Update: December 2017
12 Ways to Encourage your Missionaries

Pastoral Care:  December 2017
What Does a Sabbatical Look Like?

Faith Community Nursing:  Elim Care Faith Community Nursing Ministry is now able to offer an online course in Foundations for Faith Community NursingFor more information and to register.

Student Ministries:  2018 District Blitz information now available
 Zipline NewsletterOctober 2017 Zipline

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64 degrees on January 31st

By Brian Farone

You can imagine my surprise when I woke up to snow on Friday, October 27th. It was, of course, bound to snow sooner or later. But I did not expect it to come so soon. On the one hand, I must admit that the snow was (and is) beautiful. But on the other, it was a brisk reminder that winter is coming and it will be cold! To put a fine point on it, on January 31st the expected high in our hometown of Cottage Grove, MN is 25 degrees; the expected low a pathetic, single digits temp of just five degrees… and we live in the warm part of Minnesota :).

San Antonio, on the other hand, is looking at an expected high on January 31st of 64 degrees. Sixty-Four-Degrees-Fahrenheit! And you could be there if you come to this year’s EFCA Theology Conference, which begins on January 31st. The opportunity to escape the cold alone should peak your interest. But let me share a better reason to come to this year’s theology conference.

The theme of the conference is “The Gospel, Compassion and Justice, and the EFCA.” This is an important theme, and I am excited to see what God does in our family of churches through this conference. My hope, prayer and expectation is that God will use our time together to help our family of churches better understand the biblical and theological mandate for gospel-shaped compassion and justice.

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