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2016 Pastors' Teaching Conference Recap
Responding Well to the Bible, to People, and to Current Issues
Greg Strand, Executive Director of Theology and Credentialing, EFCA
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Mobilizing for Outreach

By Tom Mouw

Mobilizing for outreach is as essential at home as it is abroad.  In the developing world, outreach might involve agriculture, clean water, education, medical, dental care, or provision of better nutrition to gain access into any community.  The vital element is to meet legitimate needs in a manner to accomplish betterment and development.   Genuine impact gains opportunities to build meaningful relationships and to share the life-transforming power of the gospel in deed and word.

I am so grateful for like-minded individuals from our congregation and others, who choose to gather periodically for prayer, training, and encouragement.  I recently asked this group to express what following Jesus means to them.

-The number one answer was “being available
-Similarly, “my time is not my own
-“Cross-cultural relationships
-“Putting Jesus first
-“He takes me places
-“I’m a learner

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