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In the Name of Jesus Ministry

By Tom Mouw

I found myself quoting this brief little book AGAIN last night with a friend, so I’m dropping you a brief summary, more as a devotional thought than a book report, or even a commendation to read it …

May these brief thoughts stimulate you today, in your genuine desire to minister in the name of Jesus, to be compelled and empowered by His transforming love, and whenever possible, to minister together with another fellow laborer in the harvest.  –Tom M

This very short  book is entitled In the Name of Jesus, by the late Henri Nouwen.

Seciton I.   From relevance to prayer (on intimacy with God)
According to Nouwen, he was, and we can be, praying poorly, isolated from people, preoccupied with issues, and suppressing the Holy Spirit.  If you can relate to that at some level, his counsel was to Live among the poor in spirit; they will heal you.”  I have applied his counsel to my own life many times and would echo it as good medicine for my own soul and ministry.

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