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Strategically Making Disciples Into the Future

By Tom Mouw

What is your part as a laborer in your corner of the harvest?  What might kingdom fruit look like in your sphere of influence?  We believe these questions are on the hearts of all of us in the district.

In light of this, how do we all think strategically to fulfill the EFCA vision of raising up a million disciple-makers—an undertaking worthy of our best effort together?  Dan Moose, Dave Linde, and I, in consulting with ministry leaders over the years, have found the following five-fold map helpful in giving direction to fruitful, innovative kingdom initiatives in the harvest field.

  1. Think missiologically.  As the culture continues to change rapidly, becoming increasingly dissimilar to our church subculture, we do well to think of our ministry context in the same way missionaries would.  What persons around us are beyond the reach of our current ministry expressions and efforts because of cultural or subcultural differences?  Let’s seek to study, understand, appreciate, and engage a different (sub)culture so that Christ’s glory as Lord of all people—not just of those who are comfortably similar to us—will be displayed.

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