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Theme: An Inexpressible & Glorious Joy

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Six Reasons I’m Grateful for Our Latino Brothers and Sisters

By Brian Farone

As the new year begins, I want to take a moment and share how grateful I am for our Latino brothers and sisters within EFCA’s North Central District. I am tempted to explain in detail why the Latino community is so close to my heart (beginning with my childhood in the Southwest, sharing about my former church’s beautiful Latino congregation called Grace Hispana, pressing into the reality that Latinos are the largest ethnic minority in the USA). But since I have limited space, so let me dive right in and share six reasons I am so grateful for their presence and impact in our NCD family of churches.

1.  I’m grateful that our NCD family is blessed with gifted Latino church leaders like Pablo Cachon (New Hope Church), Tim Dahlin and Miriam Vallette (Bethel EFC, Fairmont), Hector Franco (Morris EFC),  Jorge Osorio (Hope EFC, Monticello), Ismael Martinez (Cornerstone EFC, Blue Earth), Vidal Quevedo  (Iglesia Nueva Salem, Minneapolis),  José Rivera (Living Hope, Willmar), and Paul Stilwell (Trinity Church, Lakeville).  God has truly blessed us in calling these leaders, and many more just like them, to pour their lives into our EFCA churches in Minnesota.

2.  I’m grateful for the first ordination council for a Latino pastor in the NCD, held for Pastor Pablo Cachon at New Hope Church in November 2017. It was such a joy to watch the council examine and affirm Pablo’s calling, gifting, preparation, and character. I am praying this is the first of many ordination councils for our NCD Latino pastors.

3. I’m grateful for Latino congregations in places like Blue Earth, Fairmont, Morris and Monticello. Right now, there are Latino EFCA congregations in nine communities in Minnesota. May God give us more!   

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