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Pastors Teaching Conference -
Oct. 6-7, 2014   More information

Peacemaker's Conflict Coaching & Mediation Training - Oct. 30 - Nov. 1, 2014, Bloomington, MN.  More information

Pastoral Care Encouragement
Resilient Ministry: Self-Care

Missions Update
The Person of Peace

Pastors' Wives' Get-Away - Nov. 2-4, Waterville, MN, Information

Family & Children's Network - Nov. 13-14, Camp Shamineau, registration

Global Outreach Summit - Nov. 15, Fridley, MN  Information

Faith Community Nursing September Newsletter

Zipline Newsletter -  September 2014

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What a Sabbatical Allows You (or Your Pastor) to Do

By Dave Linde

2013--8A sabbatical leave allows you to do important things that your regular routine doesn’t. Here are some examples. These are not the only features of a sabbatical leave. Not all sabbaticals look alike. But they are features that I deeply enjoyed and appreciated this summer on my sabbatical, and I share them with you to encourage you to make sabbatical leaves part of the culture of your church. If you are a pastor, this is what a sabbatical can do for you. If you are a lay leader in a church, this is what a sabbatical can do for your pastor.

A sabbatical allows you to be unhitched, unhurried, unscheduled, unpressured. You can, for a season, set aside the burdens of clock, schedule, and demands in order to think differently about life and ministry.

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