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 Fall Teaching Conference

Dates: October 3-4, 2017  (Tuesday-Wednesday)
Location: Camp Shamineau
Theme: The Book of Acts
Huffman Deb & Doug
Speaker: Doug Huffman

  • Session 1: Luke—The Man and his Message
  • Session 2: Special Issues with The Book of Acts
  • Session 3: Luke’s Focus on the Community of the Church (Acts 2:42–6:7)
  • Session 4: Luke’s Focus on the Unity of the Church (Acts 15)

To Register:

EFCA Theology Podcasts

The EFCA Theology Podcast was developed through a partnership between EFCA West (district) and the EFCA National Office. It is hosted by Brian Farone, our new District Superintendent. You can find the podcast in any podcast app by searching "efca theology podcast" or subscribe by email here.

Central to our faith is the belief that God's Word is "to be believed in all that it teaches." But what do we really mean? Where and how does the Bible teach this truth?  And perhaps most pressing, does our belief in the truthfulness and authority of Scripture really make a practical difference in life and ministry? This month we feature an interview with Dr. Doug Huffman from BIOLA University on this important topic.
Doug will be speaking at our upcoming NCD Fall Teaching Conference.

October News & Resources

Missions Update: October 2017
International Day of Prayer

Pastoral Care:  October 2017

Faith Community Nursing:  EFCA-Elim Care Faith Community Nurse Workshop


November 8, 9:00 am at New Hope Church
4225 Gettysburg Ave N, New Hope MN
Theme:  Dark Night of the Soul-Depression in the Church
Cost is $25, which includes 3 CEU's and lunch. There will be no charge for pastors who register to attend.

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Three Doors Toward Sexual Hope and Freedom

By Dave Linde

Cultural pressure and technological opportunity continue to make the temptation and battle of pornography ever more widespread, intense, and damaging.

In the face of that reality, the EFCA and the North Central District seek to cultivate a disciples-of-Jesus culture that is uncompromising in its biblical call to purity; practical in its offering of resources to help follow that call; and redemptive in its restoration of disciples who are sexually stumbling or addicted.

Here are three current resources, any one or more of which may be helpful to you or those to whom you minister.

  1. Project Purity. This is a long-standing, abiding resource that is available to pastors and ministry leaders. It is a confidential pathway to regaining sexual freedom and purity. It utilizes the confidential services of two professional Christian therapists. Find out more information here.
  2. Pure Desire University. An event coming to Minnesota next month, PD-U is a two-day conference designed to equip men, women, and students with an understanding of the factors that create and reinforce addictive sexual behavior. It also provides a comprehensive understanding and the tools required to develop a ministry to men, women, and students.  It will be held at Grace Church Eden Prairie, November 10-11. Find more information here.
  3. A letter in your mailbox. If you are a church ministry staff person, expect a letter in the mail later this month from a fellow NCD pastor who has experienced great sexual purity victories and has some hope-filled words for you, no matter your story.

In the fellowship of the NCD family, let’s keep helping each other, both in heart and in action, on the path of purity to which Jesus calls us and on which he walks with us.


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