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Blitz Youth Conference - April 15-17, 2016, Duluth, MN

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Essential Ingredients to being Disciple-Makers

By Tom Mouw

Tom headshot 6-2012As one called to be a disciple-maker, I continue to learn a few essential characteristics which may bear fruit, while also identifying other rather fruitless practices.  I am indebted to many others in various networks and organizations who have gone before me.  I prayerfully pass these thoughts on to you for your consideration, and innovative practice.

Prayer is the starting point of all ministry.  We must know the mind of God and join Him in His work, as we prayerfully initiate relationships and as we pray until something happens.  We must repent of our relative prayerlessness, declare our prayerful dependence upon God for anything of eternal value to occur, and simply take Scripture at its word with regard to “the effectual, fervent prayer” of all those cloaked in the righteousness of Christ.

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