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No spiritually strategic life can be lived on the flesh level

By Tom Mouw

A few months ago, a dear friend of mine sent me an article from the early 1930s entitled, The New Life,  Talks with Christians on Practical Victory, by Captain Reginald Wallis (originallyTom headshot 6-2012 published by Loizeaux Brothers, Neptune, NJ 1932). It is directed to new Christians, yet at a time when so many in all echelons of Christian ministry lack complete freedom and victory in Christ, I commend it to you as a very practical help for all of us. Here are several excerpts, which I hope will whet your appetite to dig into it’s content for yourself.

“The victorious Christian life is A PERSON, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Unceasing victory is possible for every believer. True victory is never a hardship to be endured. It is a life to be enjoyed and radiated.”

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