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Lessons from the Third World

By Dan Moose

In my search to understand why the Church is growing in many Dan 2015third-world countries and in places where there is rampant persecution of followers of Jesus, I read two books this summer: Killing Christians by Tom Doyle and Miraculous Movements by Jerry Trousdale.  I highly recommend both.  My two take-away’s were (1) the need for more strategic prayer and (2) disciple-making that focuses on obedience not just teaching.

Strategic prayer is a way of life among Christians in these parts of the world.  They spend hours in prayer: weekly all-night prayer, regular times of prayer during the week, and times of fasting and praying each month.  These followers of Jesus are dependent on God for everything and their prayer life shows it.  They understand the spiritual warfare that is going on and know that only God can be victorious.

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